Severe Allergies and Headaches

March 12,2008

I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Yang for all the help he has given me. I have had allergy problems for more than 20 years that had recently become so severe that it was affecting my nose, eyes, and ears. I had regular nasal congestion and discharge, could not smell, bad post nasal drip, itching of the eyes and ears, headache, and back pain. It got worse during allergy seasons. Medicine has helped, but with limited results. The next season it would come right back, again and again, every year.

Since March 2006, I visited Dr. Yang for treatment with acupuncture and Herbal formulas for a few months. Now I have no allergy attacks, even during the allergy seasons. I have no nasal congestion or discharge, itching eyes or ears. I can smell again and have no more post nasal drip. In addition, I have not had one headache and my back pain has vastly improved.

By the way, my sister and my son also had similar problems with allergies including nasal congestion and discharge. They too, shared the herbal formulas that Dr. Yang made for me. They have both experienced the same great results.

The acupuncture and Herbal formulas helped me so much.

I am grateful to you help. Thank you Dr. Yang,

M. Boge

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