Pain, Stress and Insomnia

November 28, 2006

Dealing with the aftermath of my mother’s death and my own illness (IC bladder pain), I was stressed out in 2005. I went from doctor to doctor to try to reduce the pain mentally and physically. It got worse with different type of medications I took. I began to lose weight and was not able to sleep thru the night. The sleeping pills had a very negative effect on me and I became very anxious and nervous. I have also lost a lot of weight. I had received acupuncture and herb treatment without much result. I was in desperate need of finding the right treatment. In April of 2005, a good friend took me to Dr. Yang in Orlando. Dr. Yang gave me  acupuncture  treatment for the duration about 45 minutes and Chinese herb to take home for each session. In the beginning, I went for three times a week for treatment for about two weeks and then two times a week for another two months. I was able to calm down and sleep during the acupuncture session and went home with much better sleep quality at night. It improved to the point that I only went every other week to once a month impending the end of 2005. I took a break before the end of the year and intended to continue the therapy after the new years. But I was  gradually feeling  much better and able to go on  without the  treatment. It was a turning point for me to find Dr. Yang for my personal ordeal. Dr. Yang taught  me how to  breath and calm  down throu Taichi practice. His therapy  always  started with a detailed  interview about all aspects of my health. He was genuinely interested in my daily live and health habit. I felt Dr. Yang was willing to spent time on his patient and his acupuncture skill was superb. Most of the acupuncture needles went in to my head and neck .He was  always willing to adjust the  acupuncture  needles and  made sure that I was comfortable during the session. I had lots of tense muscles. Dr.Yang usually gave a second acupuncture treatment plus message for the muscle in my back. I gradually build a lot of confidence in his treatment and was able to follow whatever instructions he gave me.

2006 has gone fast. I have not gone back for more treatment for about a year. I have gained all the weight back and able to sleep peacefully at night. I still practice Taichi, which I learned from Dr. Yang and remembered all his advises.

I’ll never forget his kindness toward my husband and me during the treatment. I was very lucky to find Dr. Yang.

Linda C.

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