Lichens Planus and Migraine


October 30, 2008

To:  Dr. Yang

From: Saudi Ellis, Apopka FL

Re: Testimonial of Treatment

In February of 2005, I was diagnosed with a skin disorder called Lichens Planus. Lichens Planus is an uncommon skin disorder of unknown origin that may be triggered by an auto-immune disfunction. The disease is marked by small reddish/purple eruptions that appear allover the body and soft tissues areas including the mouth. The lesions itch and leave scars and I was told it could last anywhere from 18 months to several years. I previously had beautiful unmarked skin and my entire body including my mouth was affected.

After visiting several dermatologists over the course of a year, I was repeatedly told that the disease had to run its course and to keep using the prescribed steroid creams, which did not relieve the itching or prevent new eruptions. I was becoming increasing depressed and began to have frequent migraine headaches. A friend recommended I try acupuncture for the migraines and I went to FCIM for treatment in January of 2006. Dr. Yang was the physician I saw and while reviewing my medical history we discussed my battle with Lichens Planus. Dr. Yang believed he could help me and we began a course of treatment consisting of weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies.

Several weeks after receiving treatments the itching subsided. Within a month, no new eruptions appeared and by the third month the scarring was beginning to fade dramatically. I believe that the combination of the acupuncture treatments and herbal remedy provided by Dr. Yang caused the Lichens Planus to go into remission.

It has now been almost 2-1/2 years since being treated by Dr. Yang and I have been symptom free and there is virtually no scarring from the disease. I also have been migraine free since the first acupuncture treatment. I have complete confidence in Dr. Yang’s expertise and am proud to provide this testimonial regarding my experience.


Saudi M. Ellis

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  1. Seeing people restored to health by these non-invasive and holistic techniques is so wonderful, thanks for sharing.