Eczema and Allergies

May 1,2008

Dear Dr Yang,

When I first came to the Florida College of Integrative medicine I made an appointment for the pain I was suffering in my right leg as a result of a fall on a wet floor. I had hopes for relief of my leg pain, yet I had no idea that you could effectively help my eczema.

I have had eczema since I was a young girl. Since then I have used creams and ointments. Eventually no matter how much I used them, they had stopped working. When the itching and scratching became unbearable and slightly, I was given a shot of a steroid. This would calm the eczema for a short time, but it would rectum within a month. Also, I stood under ultraviolet light and was given medication to treat allergies.

I wore gloves at night, gloves to wash dishes, gloves in the yard. One of my hobbies is scuba diving. My fingers would burn in the sun after I came out of the water. I began acupuncture and the herbs, my hand and feet no longer look like and alligator. I can wear sandals because I am not embarrassed by my feet. I go to sleep at night without inching because there is very little to scratch.

Thank you for providing relief for my eczema and leg pain. I will continue to come for acupuncture and my herbs and I will recommend you and the care I received to my friends, relatives and acquaintances.


C. D. Butler

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