Chronic Cough and Allergies

February 2008

Having had a persistent cough since I had pneumonia in 2001 it was a great relief to have found Dr. Yang.

Before Dr. Yang I went to the Pulmonary Center who gave me inhalators and nasal sprays. I also had a Broncoscopy at the hospital. After all this they referred me to the ear, nose and throat center who said it was acid reflux! Nothing worked and I still had my cough. It seemed nobody could help me.

I met Dr. Yang when he did an introductory talk on Acupuncture at my place of work. Thinking that I had nothing to lose I decided to give Acupuncture a try. I also consulted my mother who is Chinese and she said Acupuncture worked for her and suggested I try it. So in September 2007 I made an appointment with Dr. Yang and he said he could help me.

After 2 months I felt no positive effects and still had the annoying cough. I was even wondering whether this would help at all and felt like giving up, but nevertheless I continued with the treatment. Now, eventually after 4 months, I am beginning to feel better. Some days I do not cough at all, but there are also some days when I do. My coughing is getting less and less and I can definitely say Acupuncture has helped me.

I am being treated once per week together with Chinese herbs. After being treated I always feel totally relaxed and leave feeling positive that I will be eventually cured.

Thank you Dr. Yang

F. Batey

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