Hypothyroidism, Goiter and Bipolar

From P.  Martinez

To: Dr Yang

Subject: Testimonial

In 1990, I noticed a particular discoloration on my throat. It was a small area of black and blue, I went to see a physician and after blood work and routine check up it was diagnosed as unknown etiology and I was told to keep an eye on this condition until it improved, developed, or worsened.

As time went by I noticed that the area diminished and also at times it got longer and it became more discolored, I experienced episodes in which I had mood changes; these were wanting to sleep for days at a time or unable to sleep for days at the time as well, emotional or angry episodes. My hands shook and my eye sight declined. There were days that I drove with double vision and the cars in from of me looked like they were one on top of the other.

This condition got worse as the years went by, and the discoloration started to look like a butterfly on my throat on or about 1996 to 2003 I was going to the Veteran administration clinic were they could not find an explanation for this discoloration but they addressed the symptoms, and blood results … High blood pressure, High lipids, possible mega thyroid goiter and diabetes type 2, liver and kidney disorders due to medications allergic reaction. For the emotional distress I was schedule a mental health consult to further evaluation and treatment.

To my dismay in 2004 the western doctor diagnosed me with bi polar manic disorder. This only made me feel worse and now I had a label that could effect my career. Now, was taken medication for this conditions, and without hope to ever get off them.

In the middle of2005, I went to see may primary care physician and we talked for about half hour in which he agreed to do nuclear test and send me to a endocrinologist to further evaluation and treatment. On September 2005, I was for the first time in 15 year told that my thyroid was causing my short comings. I had nodules but they were irregular in shape and sizes, the endocrinologist asked me to wait for a year and do a retest and see if there were any changes.

In 2006 the nuclear test intake was negative for cancer but ultra-sound showed more nodules and the irregular shapes were now more cylindrical. No medication was given at this time, just to wait and see at least six more months for any more changes. At about this time this my wife was a student at the Florida College of Integrated Medicine and stated that maybe Oriental medicine will help me. I gave it some thought and I went for sleep disorders. An inter under the supervision of Dr. Yang with in a matter of six weeks treatment and herbs they resolve my problem and I withdraw from Xanax and zolof.

In 2007, I recheck with my endocrinologist at Tampa VA hospital and the ultra-sound again showed a cylindrical shaping of the nodules with size increase. Another nuclear test was done with changes and possibility of surgical intervention. But again a waiting time of another six months was advice by both Doctors. In the begging of summer of the same year, I began treatment with Dr. Yang although my belief in acupuncture was already established I was hesitant to believe he would be able to do anything for me. I did a four weeks of out of a six month course and went back to my Doctors and they conquered that the nodules had stop growing at this time measured about 1mm. There were no butterfly or discoloration, no difficulty swallowing I thought I am well, so I stop the treatments.

Then, It was summer 2008 that the discoloration reappear and the butterfly in my throat started taking shape. Nodule that had formed in the thyroid brought me back to Dr. Yang because now they had increase to 3·5mm and were scheduled to be removed post the finding of a needle biopsy. Two weeks prior the biopsy I went to Dr. Yang and he got me in a daily acupuncture treatment with herbs and the day of the biopsy the Radiologist requested a second ultrasound and stated that the nodules had got smaller than in the previous ultrasound. He did the biopsy and the results were normal.

I had continued with the six months treatment and the nodules are gone and I had no more discoloration or difficulty swallowing.

This is my testimonial and I am fortunate that God has used Dr Yang knowledge and dedication to medicine to restored my health.

I will always have Dr. Yang in a highly admiration …


P.  Martinez

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