I feel that it is important to share my positive experience with Dr. Yang with your patients:

I first went to Dr. Yang about four years ago to help out with my anxiety and nervousness.  I was having personal problems and was worrying about matters that concerned school and the like and so decided to give Chinese Medicine a try.

I was skeptical about Chinese medicine because I didn’t know much about it.  My friends and family advised me to seek help with typical Westerns practitioners.  They told me that Chinese Medicine was based solely on theory and that it was not worth trying.  They essentially believed it would be a waste of my time.

Though somewhat skeptical, I stood firm and decided to give it a try.  When I first met Dr. Yang, his presence immediately calmed me.  He first asked me what my problem or disorder was and then explained how he could help me out.  He told me that in Chinese Medicine issues of anxiety or stress are often related to the organs of the heart and liver and that he would find certain acupuncture points along these channels to help with my issues.

He also said that he would make a Chinese herbal formula to aid my acupuncture treatment.  The treatment that he prescribed was a “Shen” treatment.  Before he started my first treatment, he explained that when stuck the acupuncture needles in that I would feel a sensation that may shoot up or down.  He went on to say that it was normal and for me not to worry.  This immediately put me at ease, as I knew now what to expect.

After my first treatment, I definitely felt more relaxed but didn’t feel completely calm. I brought this up to him, and he explained that with Chinese Medicine it takes time for the treatments to start aiding the body in rebalancing the energy, be it excess or deficiency.

I continually saw Dr. Yang two times a week for a month and took the herbs as he told me to do so.  It was after this period of time that I noticed that my demeanor and my energy was steadily changing.  I was feeling calmer and my energy was much more positive and assuring.  I noticed myself doing more things such as going out more often and being more assertive in school.  Though, I was not completely at the point where I wanted to be I felt that if I continued my treatment I could only get better.

I did!! I feel, today, that I am at the point where I am not concerned about negative energy and, thus, can focus on being more productive in life.  Though I still see Dr. Yang, it is now only once a month as a preventive treatment.

I will always thank Dr. Yang for not only being a good clinician but a good teacher, who took time to explain the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine.

Again, much thanks to Dr. Yang and staff!!


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