Allergy for 5 years with pain

August 30, 2008

Dr. Yang,

I want to thank you for giving me back my life. When I met you on February 2, I could barely walk and my husband was ready to get me a wheelchair. The pain in my right leg was excruciating and I had been suffering from sciatica for more than 5 months. Thirty years ago I had an attack of sciatica and went to a Western doctor. He put me on anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants that affected my esophagus. I could not swallow; the drug effect was as bad as the sciatica. Unfortunately, I was left with permanent nerve damage in my right foot, a constant tingling and loss of feeling. After only 8 of your acupuncture sessions the sciatica was gone. I could walk, go up and down steps … and sleep on either my right or left side without the severe discomfort I had been experiencing. You brought about a miraculous recovery in a very short period of time.

I became fascinated with the insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine that you shared with me. You explained that my main problem was a severe Kidney Yin deficiency. This lack of balance was causing my body an assortment of other problems that had taken a back seat to the sciatica. The most serious was debilitating arthritis pain in both of my hands. Because my husband and I have a small goat dairy, I needed good strong hands to milk the goats. Although the pain was bad, my knuckles had begun to enlarge and there was redness and swelling. I was afraid that the condition would eventually cause more deformity and lack of movement. I felt like an old lady before my time (I am 67). You began working with my arthritis and the Kidney Yin deficiency. I was startled to learn that I had numerous other symptoms that were typical of this condition.

My body was falling apart. Terrible allergies caused red itchy eyes and a severe post nasal drip that left me constantly hoarse, gurgling, and coughing. Night sweats were so awful that I would wake up several times each night — completely drenched from head to foot. I hated to go to bed because the sweats were so uncomfortable. My muscles ached from neck to shoulders, down through my back and into my hips. The muscles often went into a spasm and made it impossible to move. I bought portable heat pads and wore them constantly. My husband worked with massage. Nothing seemed to help. I had no energy and felt completely exhausted.

The acupuncture treatments for sciatica, arthritis, and allergy, along with your carefully selected herbs, have given me back my health and restored my life. The red itchy eyes are a thing of the past. No more coughing. No muscle pain. No more dreaded night sweats. The post-nasal drip is clearing up and arthritic fingers are once again nimble and able to function efficiently. For the first time in 5 years I have wonderful energy and feel an exhuberance for life. I feel at least 30 years younger, without any prescription drugs or over the counter drugs — and their dreaded and detrimental effects. I take nothing for my health except your nourishing herbs.

My Kidney Yin is improving, becoming stronger — YIN IN BALANCE WITH YANG — You are helping my body to heal itself. You have turned my life around and there are no words to thank you enough but I will try anyway!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Cherry Carter

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