Allergy for 2 Years

My wife and I had our first child in January of 2003, and noticed almost immediately that she had very sensitive skin.  After she was wheened from breast milk we had some difficulties with certain food allergies that would make her skin break out in red patches.  We were told that she had eczema and to pay special attention to the foods that we gave her.  We found that she was allergic to several different types of foods, and a breakout would always follow.  It would migrate from place to place so we weren’t sure what to do.  I have some experience with herbal medicine, but had never treated a child and really wasn’t sure about experimenting on my own.  The first year of her life the eczema tended to stay on her legs and behind.  The second year it spread to her belly and finally affected her eyelids.  That was when I was introduced to Xu Guang Yang (Dr. Yang) at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.  He shared with us his previous experience in treating similar diseases with children and offered to make an herbal formula to help to clear up her skin.  He was very good with our daughter and formed a bond immediately which made her more receptive to taking the herbs he prescribed.  After only two weeks of herbal treatment her eyelids had cleared up, what a relief!  He had also informed us that some of the foods that were in her normal diet were also contributing to these breakouts.  We kept up with the diet and also a steady prescription of herbal medicine.  The problem seemed to be gone and on top of that she had lost her allergies to foods.  We were thrilled, not only was he able to help us with her skin condition, but her also helped to eliminate her food allergies.  We are very greatfull to Dr. Yang and will continue to seek advice and treatment from him in the future.


The Reynolds Family

7/26/04  First Day of treatment:

8/04/04  After 1 week of treatment:

8/10/04  After 2 weeks of treatment:

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