Acne, Allergies, Stress and Insomnia

Dr. Yang,

Thank you so much for your phone call to check on how I am doing.  It was very kind of you.  I am sorry I have not called you back sooner. After seeing you in Feb. I went out of town for two weeks, then came down with a cold/ flu for 2 weeks which took me into March.  During this month I have been doing extremely well.  No acne, minimal allergies and my overall health has been very good.  I have not been in to see you because I have been doing so well.  I will most certainly come to see you should I begin to experience problems again, but you have done such a wonderful job of alleviating my acne, allergies, sleeping issue and stress level that I am doing very well.

Thank you again for your kindness.  You are welcome to share my letter with any of your patients.

Chelle S.

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