Helping parents incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into their children’s health regime

We always have questions from parents about their children: 1) Does Chinese medicine help the health problems of children? 2) Can you use acupuncture when needling children or babies? 3) What conditions and childhood problems can Chinese medicine help? 4) My child has chronic health problems and often has to miss to school, what should I do to help them?

Yes. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help childhood problems. Many people automatically think of acupuncture; when they consider Chinese medicine in the United States. In fact, TCM includes acupuncture, herb medicine and Tuina (Chinese massage). In China, there is a special pediatric Tuina therapy focused directly for children in TCM. There are approximately 80 specific points that are different from the normal associated acupuncture points in this technique. It incorporates acupressure in place of acupuncture needles. Usually we have difficultly needling children that are below 7 to 8 years old; due to fear of needles or caution associated when needling a baby.

For either children or babies, the best treatment is through Chinese herbal formulas and Pediatric Tuina. Chinese herbs and Tuina are very commonly used to children’s problems such as fever due to viral infection, common cold, coughing, asthma, allergies, nausea, vomiting, hiccup, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, enuresis, ADD/ADHD, depression and emotional problems. There are usually improvement soon after if a correct diagnosis and treatment protocols are chosen.

In clinical practice, some children and babies have lowered immune system function, with chronic problems such as catching frequent colds easily, once or twice per month, poor appetite, stools with undigested food, alternate loose stool and dry constipation, night sweating, weight loss and lower weights than normal, thin, emaciated bodies, irritability, restlessness, emotional changes causing the child to be easily angered or have poor sleep habits at night. For parents, these children are very difficult to take care of. TCM is a very beneficial addition to improve your child’s well-being.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, these problems are due to Spleen and Stomach deficiency, Spleen and Liver disharmonies. The treatment is to tonify the Spleen and Stomach, harmonize the Spleen and Liver. In Dr. Yang’s experience; herbal formulas combined with pediatric Tuina treatment is a much better way to accomplish positive results for your child. In this case, Dr. Yang always teaches the patient’s parents about some techniques of pediatric Tuina that are easy to perform at home. The patient’s parents can help their children by performing these techniques once a day at home. In clinical observation, the children’s condition will be improved after one or two months of treatment. In follow up, the child’s body will be stronger, there will be less illnesses, they are easier to take care of and don’t need miss to school due to illness.

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