Follow Up Acne Self-Care After Visiting Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

After receiving treatment; patients should do some extra self-care at home for their acne, especially those with scarring and cystic acne (big and deep pimples). Scaring is usually red or black and may last for up to a half a year or more.

When addressing acne for the entire face; Wash the face with hot water, especially over scared areas using the following procedure

1.      Wash face with warm water to cleanse face.

2.      Using a very soft towel, soaked with hot water (The temperature of the hot towel should be as hot as one can tolerate without burning themselves.)

3.      Cover the face with the towel for several minutes.

4.      If the towel’s temperature drops, repeat step 2.

5.      This procedure should be done for 5-10 minutes per treatment, once or twice a day.

When addressing individual pimples or lesions; use two cotton balls soaked in hot water and drench the affected pimple.

1.  When the cotton ball temperature drops, re-soak the cotton balls in hot water and reapply to lesion

2.  Repeat procedure 3 to 4 times, once or twice a day.

In order to maintain acne symptom relief; incorporate proper rest and dietary protocols into your regular lifestyle.

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