Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Cancer

Treatments for cancer in Chinese include:

  • Modern medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Integrative medicine (Combination of modern medicine and TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments for cancer:

  • Chinese herbal treatment: single herbs, patent formulas
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • TuiNa
  • Qigong and  TaiChi therapy
  • Chinese medicinal dietary therapy

Research about TCM treatment for cancer:

Chinese herbal medicine targets tumor cells (main mechanisms are the following aspects)

  • Directly inhibit or kill tumor cells
  • They impact tumor cell DNA, protein synthesis, and the cell cycle
  • They promote activity against cancer
  • They impact the telomerase activity in tumor cells
  • Induced apoptosis
  • Induced by tumor cells
  • Regulate tumor cell signaling pathway
  • They impact tumor cells chemical composition and metabolism
  • The boost the body’s enhanced anti-tumor immune function

Clinical Research of TCM treatment of cancer:

  • Anti-cancer effects

Tumor load to be greatly reduced, the focus will soon turn to the treatment of mainly Chinese medicine to maximize the promotion of hematopoietic function and immune function recovery, the immune function and bone marrow function of reconstruction.

  • Increase efficiency of Chemotherapy

Some patients for which chemo is appropriate can benefit from TCM’s ability to strengthen the body to tolerate the powerful effects of chemo.  If one is subjected to long-term chemotherapy, it will depend upon the person’s state of the body and spirit as to his survivability.  The chemo itself can be devastating to the weak and infirm as well as the families involved.

Some traditional Chinese medicines can even increase the efficacy of chemotherapy.  Almost all cancer patients can benefit from Herbal Medicines and acupuncture.  It should be considered a basic component of any cancer treatment regime.  The body needs strength in order to heal.

During or after chemotherapy, with Chinese medicine treatment, chemotherapy can be used to ease the negative reactions and will help to smooth the progress of chemotherapy.

Chinese medicine can consolidate and ease the chemotherapy response, raising the effect of chemotherapy, help smooth the Chemotherapy progress during the entire process.  To a certain extent, can effectively check the recurrence of cancer, the proliferation and transfer to other parts of the body.  Some of the herbs used are:

Shan Dou Gen

Bai Hua She She Cao

Formulas: (to be discussed)

  • Decrease the side effects of chemotherapy

In the treatment of chemotherapy-induced decline in the blood as chemotherapy-induced bone marrow suppression, blood drop, thrombocytopenia. Other side effects of chemotherapy included digestive system problems, neurological system problems and weakness of the body.

1) Chinese medicine reduces the side effects of chemotherapy, reduces symptoms, enhances immune function, improves the pass rate of chemotherapy (for some chemotherapy drugs have a sensitizing effect.

2) Especially in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced blood fall, not only is there  an obvious effect, but will be able to overcome western medicine’s side-effect of causing the blood plasma to be unstable.

3) Chemotherapy-induced multiple organ damage – Many chemotherapy drugs can have harmful side-effects on the heart, liver, and kidneys.  Renal damage to a certain extent can be mitigated with the application of Chinese medicine.  By raising the blood rule of the heart TCM can effectively prevent heart damage. The following herbs can help support organ function:

Huang Qi

Gui Qi Zi

Dang Gui

Da Zao

Sheng Jiang

Shan Ren

Zi Su Ye



  • Increase efficiency and decrease the side effects of radiation therapy

Chinese medicine can ease the radiotherapy response and improve radiotherapy, but will also help to disperse tumor, tackling both the symptoms of cancer and radiotherapy.

TCM  can  be used before, during,  and  after  radiotherapy  to  increase  the  number  of leukocytes and enhance immune function with good results.  This helps insure the smooth progress of radiotherapy.

  • After Cancer Surgery

If timely treatments with TCM are given after cancer surgery, it can help to improve the patient’s nutrition (appetite) and sleeping position (sleep quality), enhance the constitution.  Then the prevention of cancer recurrence and metastasis will be of greater benefit.

For TCM cancer treatment, the key is how best to combine the two and how to improve the effect of the treatments.  Eastern and Western medicine used together can be the patient’s greatest hope for recovery and remission.

The idea is to strengthen the person and the spirit to provide for a more suitable environment for healing and improving one’s quality of life.

Chinese medicine with modern medical instruments is  the  best  comprehensive  cancer treatment. Using all modalities is the best way to attain very good results so that patients receive a higher quality of life and longer survival time.

Western Medicine (Chemotherapy and radiation therapy)

Chinese medicine (Herbal Formulas + Acupuncture )

Used Together = Best Overall Benefit

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