Does Acupuncture and Chinese herb treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance and side effects of hormonal replacement therapy?

Hormonal imbalance is a very common problem which affects people’s health and life quality. Most people have problems of the hormonal imbalance in life. Men also have hormonal balance’s problems as the women do. It is not only a women’s problem. It appears in every age with different symptoms and signs.

The common symptoms and signs of hormonal imbalance may include fatigue, craving for sweets or carbohydrates, weight gain or weight loss, puffiness or edema, hot or cold flashes, night sweats, feeling depressed or overwhelmed, mood swings or irritability, insomnia or restless sleep, headache, vertigo, fuzzy thinking, digestive issues, joint pain and stiffness, anxiety, depression, heart palpitation, breast pain, urinary dysfunction, hair loss, dry skin, PMS, irregular periods, ovarian failure, uterine bleeding, vaginal dryness or vaginal discharge, fibroids, low libido, sexual dysfunction, impotence, prostate problems, infertility.

The hormonal blood testing used for some of people with these symptoms and signs are reported normal. Does this mean that people has normal hormonal balance? Clinic observations show these people have a potential for hormonal imbalance. Without proper diagnosis and treatment these people are at risk of developing real hormonal balance problems.

Hormonal replacement therapy is a very common and helps many patients with above symptoms and signs of the hormonal imbalance. These therapies have possible side effects.  These treatments possibly may also be long term.

There are many of side effects that may be associated with hormonal treatment based on their actions in the body. Side effects may vary depending on the particular hormonal treatment used. The common problems of side effects due to hormonal replacement treatment include: hot flashes, bone and joint problems, uterine bleeding, vaginal dryness and discharges, etc.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have a long history of treat the symptoms and signs of hormonal imbalance. For treatment of above symptoms and signs, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s physician used single herbs such as Dang Gui (Angelica), Shan Yao (Chinese yam), Rou Gui (Cinnamon) and Gou Qi (Chinese wolfberry); people in China know the Dang Gui (Angelica) is common used for irregular periods, PMS, infertility and menopause. And there are many effective formulas for symptoms and signs of hormonal imbalance, for example Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet) was made two thousand five hundred yeas ago and is still used today. Well defined acupuncture protocols have been developed over the years to address hormonal imbalance and are used in association with Herbal treatment.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture have stood the test of time and are proven to be safe and effective for hormonal imbalance. In clinic observation, herbal formulas are more effective then single herbs. The herbal formulas for hormonal imbalance are made for the specific needs of each patient and modified as needed. It is very important to have a correct clinical diagnosis to find the best formula for your individual needs when treating the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

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