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Acid Reflux and Anxiety

  I am writing this in reference to Dr. Yang treatment for me from May 13, 2009 thru October 1st, 2009. He treated me for acid reflux and anxiety. He helped me tremendously during this short period of time and I highly commend him for how he helped me. Both with his medicine, technique, acupuncture […]

Menopause and Sciatic Pain

I initially saw Dr. Yang for a chronic inflamed sciatic nerve condition. Within minutes the pain was totally gone. Twelve years ago I had a total hysterectomy and have suffered continually with unbearable hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings etc. I was allergic to any and all Hormone Replacement Therapy that was prescribed my many […]


Dear Dr. Yang, Thank you very much for all of your wonderful care while trying to have a baby. I am 11 weeks and doing well. I will see you in January. I have been working very hard. You have helped my dreams came true! Have a wonderful holiday. P. R.  

Endometriosis and Menstrual Pain

I’m living proof that Oriental Medicine can treat severe menstrual pain and severe menstrual problems.  Dr. Xuguang Yang is helping with the cause of the pain, not just the pain. Dr. Yang’s treatments have caused no negative side-effects like the one’s I experienced when taking all those pharmaceutical pain killers. Chinese Medicine is well-known in […]

Post Concussion Syndrome with Dizziness and Pain

Dear Dr. Yang: Just a note to tell you how pleased I have been with the acupuncture treatments you gave me. After a head injury many years ago, I was unhappily left with dizziness that was seemingly “incurable.” I have been too many specialists throughout the U.S., and had some relief, but in recent months, […]

Hypothyroidism and Anxiety

02/27/09 Dr. Yang: This is to say thank you for helping me. When I started taking acupuncture with you last October I was having many health problems. I am very hypothyroid, which has caused many other problems for me. Some of the thyroid medicine made me sick. The Synthroid helps some, but does not get […]

Hypothyroidism, Goiter and Bipolar

From P.  Martinez To: Dr Yang Subject: Testimonial In 1990, I noticed a particular discoloration on my throat. It was a small area of black and blue, I went to see a physician and after blood work and routine check up it was diagnosed as unknown etiology and I was told to keep an eye […]

Severe Stomacheach and Lower Back Pain for 2 years

Dr. Yang, I just want to let you know how much you have helped me. My life has changed so much in just six weeks with your help and knowledge. I can do things I haven’t done in two years. I can smile and laugh again with my family and friends. I owe you a […]

Lichens Planus and Migraine

  October 30, 2008 To:  Dr. Yang From: Saudi Ellis, Apopka FL Re: Testimonial of Treatment In February of 2005, I was diagnosed with a skin disorder called Lichens Planus. Lichens Planus is an uncommon skin disorder of unknown origin that may be triggered by an auto-immune disfunction. The disease is marked by small reddish/purple […]


I am a 35 year old female. I have had Psoriasis since birth. As a young child, I had it on the elbows and knees, which later went away. Since before I can remember, I had it on my scalp and in the ears. I kept it under control with topical creams and a special […]