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Acupuncture in Combination with Chinese Herbal Formulas Can Help Scleroderma Accompanied with Raynaud’s Disease

Case No. 1: A 68-year-old female was admitted to the clinic for help with scleroderma accompanied with Raynaud’s syndrome (disease) for 16 years. She has suffered from hardening and tightness of the limbs, face and abdomen; coldness, purplish color of the four limbs. The symptoms were got worse when the weather became cold. There was […]

Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal formulas can help ulcerative colitis with diarrhea and bleeding; Western medicines can be discontinued, in time.

A 60 year old female came to the clinic for help with ulcerative colitis accompanied by diarrhea and bleeding in the stool. She said, “I would like to lessen my use of medicines”. She has suffered from ulcerative colitis with diarrhea and bleeding in stool for about 10 years. She has diarrhea or soft stool, […]