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Ginger Soup

Use for Wind Cold with the common cold, flu, allergies, cough, nausea/ vomiting, poor appetite, loose stools, headache and stomachache. Ingredients and Quantity: Fresh ginger 5-7g Water 1cup Sugar1 tbsp Method: Mince the fresh ginger into thin small pieces. Combine ginger pieces and water in a pot and bring to a boil, add sugar after one minuet, […]

Yam Cake Recipe

Use for overweight, cholesterol problems, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome. Ingredients and  Quantity: Konnyaku (could be bought in any Asian store)  1 pack Green Onion1 stick Ginger (Optional)1 piece Oil 1 tbsp. Method: Chop the Konnyaku into half (hotdog style) then chop it into thin short pieces. *Note: If the konnyaku is stringed, DO NOT CHOP IT!!! […]

Helping parents incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into their children’s health regime

We always have questions from parents about their children: 1) Does Chinese medicine help the health problems of children? 2) Can you use acupuncture when needling children or babies? 3) What conditions and childhood problems can Chinese medicine help? 4) My child has chronic health problems and often has to miss to school, what should […]

I have allergies, how do I take care of myself at home after an acupuncture visit?

The allergies are common in March due to: seasonal changes, common cold, food allergies (like milk, dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, sea food and peanuts) or other like allergens due to molds, dust, mites and pet dander. The allergies can be considered nasal problems, respire problem or skin problems in the body. If allergies are located […]

I have chronic digestive problems such as acid reflux, poor appetite, constipation or fullness and distention on the lower abdomen. How do I take care of myself at home after an acupuncture visit?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the digestive system equates to “spleen and stomach”. Chronic digestive problems are due to deficiency of the spleen and stomach. It got worse after catching cold, after eating cold food or indigestible food, or due to the conditions of eating egg overeating, eating late and worrying whilst eating, or drinking […]

I have emotional problems such as stress, depression, anxiety with sleep troubles. How do I take care of myself at home after an acupuncture visit?

According to Chinese medicine, all emotional problems are due to the body’s disbalance of “yin and yang”, this means the body is not balanced. To support the treatment at home, the patients should do some traditional Chinese exercises or mediation, like Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan. One way that patients can practice anywhere, like […]

I have chronic pain, how do I take care of myself at home after an acupuncture visit?

According to Chinese medicine, the pain is always caused by blood stasis which means the blood circulation to the area of pain is lower. This can get worse when the weather changes, with a common cold or when the exterior temperature drops. It is managed by invigorating blood flow function. To support the treatment at […]

Follow Up Acne Self-Care After Visiting Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

After receiving treatment; patients should do some extra self-care at home for their acne, especially those with scarring and cystic acne (big and deep pimples). Scaring is usually red or black and may last for up to a half a year or more. When addressing acne for the entire face; Wash the face with hot […]